I am Mrinal - pronounced Mree-naal

Since 1997, I have been a metaphysical healer and teacher. My journey began with experiencing and then learning and then teaching Reiki. The wonderful Reiki Master Sherwood Finley welcomed me to the Reiki Teacher fraternity. 

The journey continued with my introduction to the beautiful Angels and Archangels via Doreen Virtue's Angel Intuitive™.

All this spiritual work and preparation culminated in me being led to Raym in 2010 and study to be a practitioner of this potentially transformative modality - Crystal Dreaming. Since then, I have also had the privilege of training in the Advanced levels as well.

More recently, in March 2017, I was invited and initiated to be a Licensed Crystal Dreaming™ Teacher.

As I realize more and more that our soul's journey is more than just this one lifetime, I'm drawn to offer healing sessions that work on our metaphysical & energy bodies to heal blockages or long held cellular traumas and facilitate a chance to raise our personal vibration and that of Gaia while working towards personal and spiritual growth.   

With humbleness and gratitude, I look forward to facilitating your soul's journey towards healing and growth.

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