Your Crystal Dreaming™ Journey Explained

This technique was 'given' to us via Australia based Urban Shaman Raym.

By using this technique, it may be possible to achieve current as well as past life healing. This technique comes from a place of 'unconditional love.'

The Process

A specific layout or mandala is created using selected crystals. 

The client rests within this layout, which facilitates an expanded  super conscious state. In this state, the client remains conscious, aware and communicating with me, the facilitator, but has the potential to unlock cellular memories or traumas and to facilitate their healing.      

If you are not local or unable to attend in person, this technique can also be applied over a Skype session.    

Long standing health issues, personal problems & negative blockages may potentially  be cleared, allowing wonderful peace & joy to fill your being – a state of bliss. 

The blocks may be from this lifetime or previous ones. 

In this expanded state, you may be able to establish contact with your loving guides, ascended masters and support team from 'beyond.' 

You may also receive gifts to facilitate your personal & spiritual growth if appropriate to your current 'Life blueprint.'

The actual session lasts upto 1.5 hours with a few minutes of talk time at either end.

This is a no touch modality & you will always be fully dressed. 

Cost: AU$ 200.00

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Here's what a client had to say:

"The session I had with Mrinal took me into a very deep state of mind.  My journey into different life times was amazing full of visions,emotions and sensations from those life times.  I was honored also to experience presence of powerful and loving guides from the other side. Even though my journey at times was overwhelming and intense I felt safe and protected by the way Mrinal was holding space.  She guided me through it with confidence and awareness to the importance of safety to my journey." 

-AH, Melbourne

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